Bike Data Broadcaster Connecting indoor bikes with fitness gadgets and apps.

The DFC Data Broadcaster is a Bluetooth LE device that allows Peloton bikes to connect to fitness watches, bike head units, and apps. This is a feature that's not available on the stock bike. In real-time it reads data on a cable from your indoor bike and broadcasts power and cadence data wirelessly to other platforms like Zwift and Garmin. This allows the simultaneous use of services from other platforms in addition the service offerings of the bike.


Ambient Display. The internet of things meets feelings.

LexIrie is a prototype device that pulls in text from a search of websites (e.g. Twitter) for the term “I feel” (it is also configurable to search for any other terms) and then displays the search result that comes back. The results are whatever is returned from that real time search. What you see can be happy, sad, funny or incomprehensible. LexIrie then searches the returned results for key terms (like good, bad, and sorry) and then changes its light output to reflect the mood of what’s being displayed.LexIrie is designed to operate without a connection to a computer which enables placement in many locations. Once configured it requires only an ethernet cable and a power source.

More information on the design of LexIrie and configuration options can be found in the design section.

Design details


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