Data Broadcaster

The DFC Data Broadcaster is a Bluetooth device that allows Peloton bikes to connect to fitness watches, bike head units, and apps. In real-time it reads data on a cable from your indoor bike and broadcasts power and cadence data wirelessly to other platforms like Zwift and Garmin. This allows the simultaneous use of services from other platforms in addition the service offerings of the bike.

Use Cases

Want to chase the leaderboard on Peloton while grinding up Alpe du Zwift or following a power-based training plan on your watch? That's just a few of the scenarios that DFC enables.

Connect to Cycling Apps (e.g. Zwift, TrainerRoad)

DFC enables using a Peloton bike to ride and race in the virtual worlds of Zwift or RGT Cycling or follow a training plan with TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, or Rouvy. It's been tested with over 100 hours of riding on Zwift.

Sync with Wearables and Cycling Computers (e.g. Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Suunto)

Follow a training plan or track your progress with Garmin Connect or another ecosystem? DFC makes it easy to use advanced analytics like Firstbeat on your Garmin and track all of your data in one place. It makes it easy to use training plans and have them sync automatically to your watch watch through Training Peaks. Hop on the bike, load your training for the day, and get on with your workout. Afterwards all of the data is sync'd and your recovery metrics are accurate.

How it Works

Your bike has a data cable which plugs into the back of the tablet (see the block diagram). This device simply splits off of that cable, reads the data stream, and broadcasts it wirelessly. Power it up and you'll see it advertised as a Bluetooth power meter for connection to wearables and cycling computers and apps. From there it works like other Bluetooth fitness devices. Your indoor bike continues to function as usual and you get a real-time stream of your data to use where you want.


This started as a passion project as a way to make training on a Peloton simpler. After seeing the interest in it we decided to make it into a product available to all. It's been great to see others wanting to get more out of their fitness equipment.

Several prototypes have been tested including the latest seen here. We're getting the final details put into the production version now.

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When will it be available for order?

Barring any unexpected issues, the goal is before the end of the year and it could be as soon as November.

How will I connect it?

DFC has two jacks on it — like the kind you plug headphones into. You'll unplug the data cable from the back of the bike's tablet and put that in one jack. Then connect another (provided) cable from DFC into the back of the tablet. It's really simple and no cable-cutting or permanent modifications to the bike are necessary.

What does DFC stand for?

The name DFC stands for data fitness connector or damn fine coffee — you decide.